Social Media for PR (2016 edition)

Social Media 2016It was my pleasure tonight to speak to Lee Schoentrup’s University of Washington PR Certificate class about social media. This is the sixth or seventh [correction: ninth] year I’ve given the social media briefing, and it’s a presentation that has to be rewritten top to bottom each time.

Last year I talked about interactive social media — “Dancing with Your Audience” was the title. This year I didn’t feel as optimistic about the field. I titled the latest version of the presentation “How to Stand Out in a Busy World.” My feeling is that social media has maxed out audience bandwidth; people are experiencing more than enough social media interaction. Now social media professionals face a battle for attention, a battle that will be won by people and organizations delivering the best (most valuable or most entertaining) content and the best user experiences.

Here, for Lee’s class and anyone else interested, is the presentation SME – UW – 2016 in PDF form.

I challenged the class to invest in training that will enable them to produce podcasts, webinars, and video content for social media. I realize that I need to take my own challenge, so I’m committing to learn how record that Keynote presentation with an audio voiceover!

Author: Karen Anderson

To paraphrase Mark Morris, "I'm a writer; I write!"

3 thoughts on “Social Media for PR (2016 edition)”

  1. Hi Karen, I always love to hear from you. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope all is well with you. Give Tom my best regards. Looking forward to 4th Street this year. David Grouchy

  2. Hi again Karen, Is it okay for me to share this presentation with the board of directors of our local literary society? All of the board members are authors at one level or other and the organization is still going through the earl stages of strategic planning. What you have here could help them focus and maybe even put a toe into the 21st century. Thanks, David

    1. David, you are welcome to share the presentation link with the literary society. I’m flattered that you asked. There are some earlier versions of the presentation (I do one each February). Last year’s, about dancing (interacting) with your audiences via social media, is a bit more cheerful! There is also the 2014 presentation on storytelling for social media, and the 2013 one on social media survival. In 2012, I talked about “Using Social Media for PR”. Enjoy!

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