Nonprofit Board Presentation

Here’s the 5-minute Ignite version of Karen Anderson’s talk “What You’ll Wish You’d Known Before You Joined that NonProfit Board.”

Karen has created a detailed, 30-minute version of this presentation for meetings, conferences and training events. It includes handouts, including a checklist for prospective board members.

If you are interested the booking the full version of this presentation for your group, please contact Karen.

Praise for the Ignite talk:

“This is so good. After 15 years of observing nonprofit boards (in volunteer and employee roles), I’m quite wary of being on one, and she perfectly outlined why.”

“If you’re thinking of doing this, or even if you’ve already joined a board, this is worth watching.” — Joanne Lauterjung Kelly

“Great advice for those who wanna give back; plus, forget sugar, humor helps the medicine go down.” —Tye Crain Solrain

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