Appearances and Interviews



K.G. Anderson will be a panelist at Norwescon 46 in SeaTac, Washington, March 28-31. List of panels to come.

She will be a featured reader at the January 24 online session of Two Hour Transport. Watch for details on their Facebook page.


K.G. Anderson was an attending pro at Norwescon 45 in SeaTac, Washington, April 6-9. Her panels included: Freelancers’ Table: Show Me the Money (with Jessie Kwak, Marie Bilodeau, and Jim Kling); Short Stories, Magazines, and Transforming Literature (with Marta Murvosh (M), Lynne M. Thomas, and Monte Lin); Too Old to Write My First Story? (with Randy Henderson (M), Brenda Carre, Emily Leverett, and Jack Skillingstead); Elementary, My Dear Bilbo—with Gabe (G.S.) Denning, Shiv Ramdas, Carol Berg, and Daryl Gregory; Getting the “Cyber” Part Right (with Dr. Sean Robinson (M), David D. Levine, Brian U. Garrison, and Kimberly Unger); and Writing Workshops (with Nancy Kress, Daryl Gregory, Evan J. Peterson, and Shiv Ramdas). She read “Isadora’s Trunk” and joined other members of Broad Universe for a group reading that included her story “Pieced Together” from the Aurealis Award finalist anthology The Art of Being Human.


K.G. Anderson was a panelist and presenter at Chicon 8 in Chicago Sept. 1-5. Her panels included Writing Books That May Be Burned (with K.M. Szpara, Micaiah Johnson, and Ryka Aoki); Cats in Science Fiction and Fantasy (with C Taylor-Butler, Carol Gyzander, Jennifer Hudak, and Peter S. Beagle); Alternate Histories in Interesting Times (with Steven H. Silver, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Matt Mitrovich; Life Extension in Fact and Fiction (with Leonardo Espinoza Benavides, Dan Kobolt, and Victor Manibo); and How to Tell a Pioneer from a Crackpot (with Avani, Allan Dyen-Shapiro, Elliot Craggs, and Jesper Stage). She read “Second Term” in a themed reading (with Blue Neustifter and K.M. Szpara) and presented the workshop Strategies for Submitting Short Fiction.

She interviewed J.M. Miro about his new novel Ordinary Monsters at the University Bookstore in Seattle on June 17. (You can read an excerpt from this fascinating and powerful dark fantasy, the first book in a series.)

She read her story “Unraveling” for the June 1 edition of Story Hour hosted by Daniel Marcus and Laura Blackwell on Zoom and Facebook Live. You can watch the video of K.G. and Amanda J. McGee reading on Facebook.

She was a guest at Norwescon 44 in April, doing panels including Good God, Holmes, You Never Cease to Astound Me! (Tom Whitmore, Gabe (G.S.) Denning, Kris ‘Pepper’ Hambrick, and K.G. Anderson); The Moral of the Story (K.G. Anderson, Nancy Kress, Brianna Tibbetts, and Carol Berg); Laugh It Up—Writing Humor into Speculative Fiction (K.G. Anderson, Curtis C. Chen, Randy Henderson, and Mike Jack Stoumbos); and Keep It Professional (K.G. Anderson, Jack Skillingstead, and Sara A Mueller). K.G.’s readings included “Yoga for Protestors,” “Miss Hackenberry Brews Tea,” and “Wolfspider’s Delusion.”

She led a discussion on “Death and the 21st Century Science Fiction Writer” at the Rain Forest Writers Village, Week 3 (March).


K.G. Anderson was a virtual panelist at Discon III in Washington D.C. Her panels included Social Media: Making Enemies & Alienating People, and Sailing the Sea of Submissions.

She was a panelist at Rustycon in Bellevue, Washington, appearing on panels with Blaze Ward, Susan Matthews, David Boop, Bob Brown (publisher of the B Cubed Press anthologies), Frog Jones, Maqual A. Jacob, J. F. Sambrano, and J Tullos Hennig

K.G. read “Where the Train Goes” for the May 12 edition of Story Hour hosted by Daniel Marcus and Laura Blackwell on Zoom and Facebook Live. You can watch the video of K.G. and Hell’s Kitties author April Grey reading on Facebook.

She was a guest at Norwescon 43 (virtual convention) where she read from “Captain Carthy’s Bride” and “Where the Train Goes.” Her panels included: It’s Never Too Late to Start Writing Science Fiction (with PJ Manney, Kate Ristau, and Scott James Magner); Writing About Grief (with Jennifer Brozek, Annie Carl, and Marta Murvosh); First Page Idol (with Curtis C. Chen, Randy Henderson, and Kisa Whipkey); Why Do I Keep Getting Form Rejections on Short Stories? (with Cat Rambo, Tod McCoy, and Jack Skillingstead); and Writing the Now Into Our Fiction (with Jasmine Silvera, Adrienne Dellwo, and Elliott Kay.


K.G. Anderson read from a new story, “Isadora’s Trunk,” at OR-e-Con (online) Nov. 14.

She read with the Broad Universe authors at ConZealand (Worldcon 2020) online July 31 / Aug. 1.

She read “Unnoticed” for the It’s About Time Writing Series hosted by the Seattle Public Library.

She presented “Strategies for Submitting Short Fiction” at the Rainforest Writers Village Retreat (Session 3).

She read “Invasion 101” at the Foolscap Convention Cabaret.


K.G. Anderson was featured as a guest blogger on Wendy Van Camp’s blog Wasted Ink. Her post is about finding a path to writing success.

She was a panelist at Loscon 46. Panels: “How to Have a Marketing Mindset for Any Writing Goal” (with Mel Gilden, Russell Nohelty, Craig Miller and Cynthia Ward); “The Effect of Crowdsourcing on How We Find Our New Favorites” (with Tom Whitmore, Susan Fox, and Madeleine Holly Rosing); and “Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?” (with Alfred Nash III, Ashish Mahabel, Kelley Winters, and Steven Barnes).

She read “Heroes of the Bridge” Oct. 23 at Two Hour Transport in Seattle.

She appeared at Norwescon 42, where she presented the workshop “Strategies for Submitting Your Short Fiction” and read excerpts from “Baba Yaga’s New House,” “Two Aunts and the Cornwall Horror” and “Escape.” She appeared on panels “The Moral of the Story” (with Spencer Ellsworth, Joseph Brassey, and Louisa Morgan);”The Wild, Weird West” (with Laura Anne Gilman, Rhiannon Held, and Mark Teppo); “On the Edge of Forever: Remembering Harlan Ellison” (with Gordon Van Gelder, Berlynn Wohl, Astrid Bear, and Sandra M. Odell);”Online Presence for Authors” (with K. Tempest Bradford, Cat Rambo, and Chimedum Ohaegbu); and “Pen Names: Are They Right for You?” (with Kat Richardson, Louisa Morgan, and Jasmine Silvera). She moderated the panel “Writing for Anthologies” (with Yanni Kuznia, Neil Clarke, and Marta Murvosh.

She appeared with fellow B Cubed Press authors Edd Vick and J.G.  Follansbee as part of the SFWA Reading Series in Seattle on Tuesday, Jan. 29 (reading “Wishbone”) and in Portland on Thursday, Jan. 31 (reading “Bad Memories, 2023” and “The Right Man for the Job”).

Her Jan. 17 interview with Vonnie Winslow Crist appears on the blog Whimsical Words.


K.G. Anderson appeared on two panels at Worldcon 76  in San Jose: “Woodshedding and Bloodletting: An Insiders’ Look at Writing Workshops” (with R.K. Nickel, Tod McCoy, Erin Wilcox, and Henry Lien) and “Strategies for Submitting Short Fiction” (with Caroline M. Yoachim, Sheila Williams, Fran Wilde, Scott H. Andrews, and Chen Quifan).

She was a guest at Norwescon 41 where she presented the workshop “Strategies for Submitting Short Fiction” and read from My Job is Hell (Every Day Fiction), b (Triangulation: Appetites), and “The Right Man for the Job” (More Alternative Truths). She appeared on the panels “Visiting the Weird West” (with Mark Teppo, Rhiannon Held, and Alexandra Renwick), “Formatting Faux Pas” (with Dean Wells, Jeremy Zimmerman, and Susan Chang), and “Writer Talk: He Said/She Said/They Said” (with Cat Rambo, K.C. Alexander, and Fonda Lee) and moderated the panels “The Moral of the Story: Fantasy, Horror, Current Events” (with Tegan Moore and Alexandra Renwick); “Anthologies Joy” (with Jennifer Brozek, Jaym Gates and Dawn Vogel); and “Social Media for Authors” (with K Tempest Bradford).

She narrated Meredith Morgenstern’s “The Stone Age Gap,” Episode 530 on StarShipSofa.

She read with Vonda N. McIntyre, John A. Pitts, Manny Frishberg, Edd Vick, Janka Hobbs, Blaze Ward, Stephanie Weippert and Debora Godfrey from Alternative Truths and More Alternative Truths anthologies Feb. 7 at the University Bookstore in Seattle.

She read with Eileen Gunn, Julia Sidorova, Elizabeth Bourne and Leslie Howle from the anthology OR Books anthology Welcome to Dystopia: 45 Visions of What Lies ahead Feb. 9 at the University Bookstore in Seattle.


K.G. Anderson appeared at Orycon 39 in Portland on these panels: “Writing Other Genders: Is It Really That Hard?” (with Lee French and Jennifer Linnea); “Show vs. Tell” (with Craig English, Kristen Landon and S.B. Sebrick); “How to Give a Dynamite Reading” (with Josh Boykin, Tina Connelly, and Jeff Soesbe); and “Pamper Your Muse” (with Jennifer Brozek and Brenda Cooper).

She read “The Right Man for the Job” (More Alternative Truths) at Two Hour Transport Sept. 27 at Cafe Racer.

She read her poem “Soup” at the Moore Theater as part of the April 24 launch party for King County’s Poetry on Buses (2017 Theme: Your Body of Water).


K.G. Anderson read at the Dec. 8 meeting of the It’s About Time Writing Series at the Ballard branch of the Seattle Public library.

She appeared at the Lucky Seven reading with the Ballard Writers Collective in Seattle Nov. 4 where she read an excerpt from “Captain Carthy’s Selkie Bride.”

She appeared at Westercon 69 in Portland on these panels: “Conventions of the Pacific Northwest” (with Gene Armstrong, Gregory Gadow, and Gibbitt Rhys-Jones); “Choosing a Writing Workshop” (with Curtis Chen, Manny Frishberg and Lindsay Schopfer); “What Happened to Virtual Reality?” (with Sean Robinson, Sara Stamey); and “Conscious and Unconscious Elements of the Creative Process” (with Mark Chapman, Manny Frishberg, and James Glass).


K.G. Anderson appeared at Sasquan (The 2015 World Science Fiction Convention) on the panels “To Include or Not to Include…Evaluating Writing Critiques” and “Science and Technology of Discworld.”