Social media trends for 2013: Bluster is out, thoughtfulness is in

I will try (photo)

“I will try.”

I’ve noticed a refreshing trend in 2013’s social media. I’m seeing it particularly in professional discussions on LinkedIn.

Bragging, bluster, and boasting are out.

Thoughtfulness, substance, and sustainability are in. Credibility is essential.

My own tolerance for micron-deep inspirational blather evaporated last night when I read a sad little rant on that asserted that anyone who uses the three words “I will try” is an obvious loser. The only reason I was able to stifle my desire to track this blowhard down and commit mayhem was seeing that a few hundred commenters had beaten me to it.

They heard the words “I will try” as realistic, honest, and heartfelt. Like me, they’d had plenty of experience in recent years with bigmouths standing up and blatting “I will do X! I will do Y!” and not only not doing any of it, but disappearing from the scene shortly afterwards.

I’m thrilled when someone joins me in looking at a complex, difficult situation and says “I will try to fix this.” I find it eloquent, and particularly like the responsibility of the “I” rather than the emphatic but ultimately evasive battle cry of “This is going to get fixed!”

To paraphrase my late father, “Only wimps need hyperbole.” The rest of us can get by with clarity, honesty, and good intentions.

I will certainly try.

What I’ve been listening to and reading:

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