Stories of 2017

A list of my award-eligible stories for 2017:

“The Right Man for the Job,” More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance anthology. Desperate Democrats hold a seance to summon their liberal icons back from the dead. (Read for free in the Kindle sample.)

“Delicious,” Triangulation: Appetites anthology. A man vanishes, taking with him the magic of his lover’s kitchen.

“Patti 209,” Alternative Truths anthology. After designing the retirement community of the future, Patti finds herself trapped in it 30 years later as the economy and technology disintegrate.

“The Light of Two Moons,” Ares Magazine online. An escaped political prisoner searches for sanctuary. (Read online.)

“Everything Is Fixed Now,” Welcome to Dystopia anthology. Is the corporate fitness tracker weeding out health risks from the workforce?


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