Stories of 2021

A list of K.G. Anderson’s award-eligible short stories published in 2021:

“The Bodies We Carry” in Alternative Deathiness (B Cubed Press). When her husband dies, Katherine carries out his wish to take his body to a Death Camp protesting the United States’ unaffordable and inaccessible healthcare. The camp is on the lawn of a wealthy investor—who just happened to have been Katherine’s long-ago lover.

“Miss Hackenberry Brews Tea” in 99 Tiny Terrors (Pulse Publishing). When an anxious neighbor reports spies and aliens in their tiny village, Mildred Hackenberry knows exactly what’s going on—and what she’s going to do about it.

“Louie’s Turn” in Crimeucopia: As in Funny Ha-Ha, Or Just Peculiar (Murderous Ink Press). Pizzaiolos Louie and Carmen have been moonlighting (so to speak) as muggers with an unusual modus operandi—one that has thus far baffled the cops. Louie’s the driver, Carmen grabs the cash. But tonight it’s Louie’s turn to take Aunt Philomena’s handgun and conduct the holdup. What could possibly go wrong?

“The Hum of the Wheel, the Clack of the Loom” in Space and Time (Volume 140). A herdsman in love with a beautiful fairy is raising the magical creatures whose wool she weaves into cloth. But his loyalties are torn when she sets out to rid their town of evil and the wide net she casts captures his childhood friend.

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