Is your website ready for Facebook?

Isn’t it great that your customers and clients on Facebook can add a link, complete with images, that people can use to get to your website?

In theory, yes. But in reality, it turns out that many organizations that crave Facebook publicity aren’t yet putting their best face forward.

When well-meaning Facebook members write a nice note and link to your website’s URL, they may discover that the array of your images they can use to illustrate the Facebook post are just plain weird. Instead of a photo of your logo, or the image that accompanied your latest blog post, they get a choice of irrelevant logos of your partner agencies, or third party ads, from ‘way down at the bottom of your home page.

If you test this website, you'll see this image.

It’s easy to test your website’s Facebook readiness. Give it a try.

Fixing the problem may involve a little experimentation — particularly because Facebook doesn’t immediately register changes you make to your page. But it’s worth putting in some work on the process — if you want to get the most mileage out of Facebook publicity.

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