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Are you ready for the black swan?

swanflipBryan Alexander, the research director at the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education, has written a sweeping article on the implications of emerging online and digital technologies. If you’re interested in thinking about how we may be living our lives, online and off, in the next 20 years, this is a great read.

2 comments on “Are you ready for the black swan?

  1. Thank you for the nice words and link, Karen.

    Which of the methods I explored in the article do you encounter most frequently in your work?


  2. I’m a journalist, so I’m most involved in using the Delphi method (consulting the experts).

    The best journalists are the ones who choose and interpret the best oracles. When I consult with other journalist/bloggers, I strongly urge them to stop commenting on what’s already out there and thoroughly chewed over and to instead seek out leaders from adjoining fields (or thinkers who don’t often publish their own thoughts) and bring those insights to the marketplace.


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