The end of an era

A moment of silence to honor the passing of one of the great wordsmiths and intellectual provocateurs, William F. Buckley Jr.

Once in a while I agreed with Buckley, most of the time I certainly did not, but I deeply admired his genius for articulate extemporaneous speaking and journalistic commentary. According the the obituary in the New York Times, Buckley’s 33 years with “Firing Line” made him the longest-running host in the history of television.

He entertained, he inflamed, and he enlightened. And he seemed to enjoy it all immensely.

1 comment on “The end of an era

  1. jimmy arone


    ‘The End of an Era’ indeed. William F. Buckley was a true giant who will be missed by many.

    I happened to catch the tribute to him by Charlie Rose last night. Was touched by his ‘good-bye’ to his friend.

    Also, yesterday watched an old clip from ‘Firing Line’ and was struck by the level of civility/respect shown between WFB and his guest Noam Chomsky as they ‘tended to business’. It was very entertaining.

    Couldn’t help notice and appreciate how well the audience listened and behaved in those days.

    Something sadley lacking/sorely missed in today’s society.

    All the best,



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