Thank you, Seanet

This week I did something that can be risky and even traumatic for a small business: I changed my internet service provider.

This was particularly tough for me because I’d been with Seanet, one of the best ISPs in Seattle, for about 15 years. They installed DSL at my house in Wallingford at a time when I was one of the first broadband customers in North Seattle. Ten  years ago, when a change in DSL service required that I move from another telecom service to Qwest service, they walked me through it. And when the old DSL service got shut off before the new service got turned on, they went to extraordinary lengths so that my business was online and none of my clients were inconvenienced (this was in days before coffee shop wifi).

However, I no longer use the email and hosting features of my Seanet account. And Qwest technical support service has improved to the point that I am willing to let them handle the ISP portion of my account (which I’d been paying for, but didn’t use.) It was a way to save a significant chunk of change every year.

At any rate, it’s done. I’m completely shifted over to Qwest service, and just had a very pleasant farewell call with Seanet. I’ll sure miss them.

Author: Karen Anderson

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2 thoughts on “Thank you, Seanet”

  1. You don’t know how lucky you were to leave them – this week they had a huge debacle with their email service, leaving many of us without webmail or mobile device access… STILL!! They claim that some little hiccup caused their DNS to change and now we have to wait for EVERY single DNS server on the web to update itself before we can have all our various portals working again, and who knows how long that will take. I’m ready to leave them today.

    1. Phil,
      I’m really sorry to hear about this. While I experienced only two or three outages in my 12+ years with Seanet, I do recall that they were a bit slow to cope with them and slow to acknowledge one of them on their recorded status messages (during a weekend).
      However, Seanet’s problems, while they exist, are few and far between. Patience!

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