Reading and writing

After writing non-fiction all day, I like to read fiction at night.

Currently my husband is reading Terry Pratchett’s latest, Making Money, out loud to me while I cook dinner. About a thief who finds himself in charge of a banking system, it’s so good that sometimes I put dinner on the table and we just keep reading until the food cold! If you haven’t read anything by Pratchett, the bestselling writer (alongside J.K. Rowling) in England for the past decade, I’d suggest you start with Jingo.

While Pratchett writes speculative fiction that sounds suspiciously like literature, Michael Chabon writes literature that sounds suspiciously like speculative fiction. I just finished Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union about a police detective in Sitka, Alaska (which in the book is a fictitious Jewish community created after the 1948 collapse of the state of Israel). This delightful book may well be the best-written novel of the decade.

2 comments on “Reading and writing

  1. I just discovered Terry Pratchett in the last year. I haven’t read Jingo so I’ll need to get that.

    We’re listening to Maskerade now. I think it’s obnoxious to post a link in a comment, but please forgive for doing so. It’s about Terry Pratchett. http://www.lifepundit.net/2008/01/terry-pratchett.html

    Thanks to the link to the rejection letter at NovelStruggles. You’ve got a great blog here and I’m going to add you to my blog roll.

    Nice to meet you. All book recommendations very welcome.


  2. thank yeh for reminding me of Making Money! I really wanted to read it last time I saw it in the bookstores.
    The problem was, I live in Germany so there wasn’t an english version. I’m a fan of his books, but only the original ones. German SUKS!
    By the way, nice blog. I’ve put a link to it on my own blog, hope that’s ok for you. Bye^^


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