Jargon watch: Banned words

Lake Superior State University has published its 33rd annual list of words and phrases that ought to be banned because of “misuse, overuse and general uselessness.” Here they are:

  • perfect storm
  • Webinar
  • waterboarding
  • organic
  • wordsmith/wordsmithing
  • author/authored
  • post 9/11
  • surge
  • give back
  • ‘blank’ is the new ‘blank’
  • Black Friday
  • back in the day
  • random
  • sweet
  • decimate
  • emotional
  • pop
  • It is what it is
  • under the bus

What I want to know is: How could they possibly have missed “green?” Please don’t tell me the laundry detergent, someone’s political views, or your office supplies are “green.” Kermit is green.

I do, however, love it that the list makers nailed the cloying adjective “sweet.” I recently read a blog post by a particularly smarmy blowhard and damned if he didn’t use the adjective “sweet” four times—while describing his own artistic endeavors, no less!

1 comment on “Jargon watch: Banned words

  1. “Shiny” is the new “sweet.”


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