The open-book test

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but the middle page is a whole other story.

I have four books to review for a publication. For the heck of it, I opened one book to the middle and read a page.


I opened the second book to the middle and read a page.

Ugh again.

I opened the third book to the middle and read a page and thought “Not bad.”

And then I opened the fourth book, read a middle page, read another page, and thought “Nice. Really nice.”

Tonight I’m sitting in the living room reading that fourth book, and it’s pure joy. I can’t believe people pay me (a modest amount) to do this.

Of course, I do still have to go back and read and review the other three. I guess that’s why they have to pay me.

Author: Karen Anderson

To paraphrase Mark Morris, "I'm a writer; I write!"

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