Download in progress

From the Department of Digital Inefficiency:

I have several specialty applications that I launch once or twice a month for quick, minor tasks. Inevitably, upon launch they inform me that there is a new version of the app that I need to install to deal with some security threat or a compatibility issue with some major application. So, I download. Tap, tap, tap. And I install. Tap, tap, tap. And I close and relaunch. Tap, tap, tap.

Every once in a while this process involves finding some ghastly 40-digit authorization code I was sent when I first installed the app three years ago.

Of course, by this point the update has taken three times as long as the minor task I’d wanted to accomplish. Is there any wonder why I don’t use the software more often?

The open-book test

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but the middle page is a whole other story.

I have four books to review for a publication. For the heck of it, I opened one book to the middle and read a page.


I opened the second book to the middle and read a page.

Ugh again.

I opened the third book to the middle and read a page and thought “Not bad.”

And then I opened the fourth book, read a middle page, read another page, and thought “Nice. Really nice.”

Tonight I’m sitting in the living room reading that fourth book, and it’s pure joy. I can’t believe people pay me (a modest amount) to do this.

Of course, I do still have to go back and read and review the other three. I guess that’s why they have to pay me.

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