Seattle Weblogger Meetup

It was a small gathering of veteran webloggers Wednesday night at Ralph’s: Clark Humphrey of, Hamburger Lad of the Hamburgerland blog, and me. (Anita and Jack, we missed you.) We saw some familiar faces across the room; they turned out to be a small group of tech types meeting to discuss something called “actual programming.”

One of the topics the bloggers talked about was using Blurb to archive a blog and print it out as a book.

No fancy new gadgetry at this meeting…Clark and I both had older laptops with us and discussed strategies for upgrading.

Just realized that we missed the chance to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Seattle Weblogger Meetup Group, which was founded in October 2002. Perhaps at the next meeting? That’ll be Wednesday, Nov. 21. Come join us at Ralph’s.

Author: Karen Anderson

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