Tell me a story

I’m a believer in the power of stories. I try to get at least the sense of a story being told into every piece I write.

Have you ever noticed how if you stop generalizing, and tell a story, people tend to respond with stories of their own?

The post I made yesterday about Zappos.com script-free telephone support elictited a comment that I thought linked to some routine “yeah, Zappos rocks” post. And I accidentally rejected the comment (tapped in the wrong place on my iPhone screen). But when I got to my full-size computer later on in the morning, I manually added the comment, copying and pasting the text that had been emailed to me from Blogger for comment moderation.

The comment linked to a blog post from Writing – Cooking – Life that was downright astonishing.

I encourage you to click through. Then send flowers to someone. And buy your next pair of shoes from Zappos.

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