Plenty of rope

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) started promptly over here last night as I devoted my most productive work hours (1o p.m. to midnight) to hammering away at The Grave View (the working title of my New England mystery).

Meanwhile, a previous NaNoWriMo participant and some friends have launched GloRoMo, Global Rope Month. They will track (and reward) participants’ efforts to tie 50,000 feet of rope during the month of November. (By “tying rope,” they mean rope with people in it, as in bondage.) The organizers estimate a successful GloRoMo will involve tying and suspending eight people a day.

Perhaps there is room for a collaboration here? I’m sure by the last week of November some of the frenzied writers will be looking for rope, or perhaps for a good excuse — like “I was helping a friend and got sort of…tied up.”

Author: Karen Anderson

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