While podcasting leaves me cold, I’m increasingly enthusiastic about photoblogging. Doug Plummer’s Daily photo can be breathtaking, and I’m a big fan of New York’s The Sartorialist. If you have time, the extensive reader comments at The Sartorialist can be as entertaining as the photos themselves. (So few blogs have really good comments that this success is worth some analysis.)

Seattle now has its own version of The Sartorialist, Pike/Pine, which, despite its name, has recently focused on Ballard — and on fashion worn by 20-somethings. Yawn. Nice photography, but let’s have some context here…fashion wasn’t invented 10 years ago. Even Seattle knew about it before then. Let’s see some of the older fashionistas who frequent Nordstrom designer shoes downtown.

Finally, you don’t have to be a photo pro to make great use of pix to spice up a blog. Guy Kawasaki’s blog uses small photos, often stock, usually to very good effect.

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