Better Strategies for Nonprofit Websites

Better Strategies for Nonprofit Websites by Karen G. Anderson
The “Better Strategies for Nonprofit Websites” briefing is for organizations looking to revitalize their websites.

Frustration with nonprofit websites is rampant — among executive directors, boards, web teams, and website users. This doesn’t have to be the case. The solutions are there — but not in a new website design, a new webmaster, more money, or “more content.”

The solutions are strategic, and they begin right up at the top of the organization.

“Better Strategies for Nonprofit Websites” is a 90-minute briefing for nonprofit executives: executive directors, development directors, and communications managers.

Nonprofit leaders who attend this presentation will be able go back to their organizations and revitalize their web team’s work in one or two planning meetings. The briefing covers:

  • Problems common to nonprofit websites (and why)
  • The key role of leadership in steering away from these problems and toward more effective websites
  • 4 simple (but essential) top-level fixes for web communication strategy
  • 3 secrets for transforming a nonprofit website from “disappointing” to cost-effective

The presentation also addresses assignment of authority, staff training, selection of contractors, and the hidden costs of website design and maintenance.

The “Better Strategies” briefing grew out of consultations Karen does with small- to mid-sized organizations and out of a collaborative session on nonprofit websites (“Do Nonprofit Websites Have to Suck?”) at Seattle MindCamp.

Find out how you can get this presentation for your organization or professional group.

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