Stories of 2018

A list of my award-eligible stories for 2018:

“Captain Carthy’s Bride” in the Terra! Tara! Terror! anthology from Third Flatiron, edited by Juliana Rew. A hotel maid in a fishing village impersonates a selkie and a visiting sea captain falls for the ploy — but years later she must pay the price for her deception.

“Bad Memories, 2023” in After the Orange: Ruin and Recovery from B Cubed Press (edited by Manny Frishberg). A look at the legacy of the Trump administration, from an unusual perspective.

“Patience” in Reading 5 x 5 (Metaphorosis Press, edited by B. Morris Allen). Members of a research colony on a remote planet plot revenge against the flamboyant scientist they suspect has abandoned them there.

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