Ballard authors event Oct. 19

More than 30 Ballard-area authors gather for an event about writing and publishing Oct. 19, 7-9 p.m., at the Sunset Hill Community Center. The event includes a panel on building an audience, “Author Bingo,” and book signings.

Authors include:

  • Nicole Aloni, food writer
  • Karen G. Anderson (that would be me), technology book author
  • Erica Bauermeister, novelist
  • Rita Bresnahan, essayist
  • Sandra J. Coffman, author of children’s books and books on mental health topics
  • Jay Craig, author of the Scottish Buddhist Cookbook
  • Lowen Clausen, crime fiction author
  • Laura Cooper, author of Fishes and Dishes
  • Carl Deuker, author of fiction for young adults
  • Janna Cawrse Esarey, author of The Motion of the Ocean
  • Kevin Emerson, author of the Oliver Nocturne books
  • Phil & Kaja Foglio, authors of comics including Girl Genius
  • Liz Gallagher, author of The Opposite of Invisible
  • Carol Hiltner, author of The Altai Chronicles
  • Donald Kentop, poet
  • Nina Laden, children’s book author
  • Kristine Leander, author of Norwegian Seattle
  • Carol Levin, poet
  • Corbin Lewars, nominee for a 2011 PNBA award for her memoir
  • Christy McDanold, owner of Secret Garden Books
  • Scott McCredie, journalist
  • Paul Michel, fiction writer
  • Julie Pheasant-Albright, author of historical non-fiction
  • Ingrid Ricks, journalist and memoir author
  • Julie Reinhardt, author of  She-Smoke: A Backyard Barbecue Book
  • Michael Schein, novelist, poet & playwright
  • Peggy Sturdivant, co-author of the new non-fiction title Out of Nowhere
  • Darrell Toland, producer of the web comic Stix and Bones
  • Marjorie Young, novelist
  • Allan Wenzel, historian and non-fiction author

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