Mobile email readers: "A captive audience"

Steve Smith, writing for MediaPosts Mobile Insider (subscription required), quotes Ion CEO Justin Talerico about the behavior of consumers who come to a site from phone-platform email (rather than desktop email). It’s intriguing, though I’m not wild about the term “psychographically.”

Generally, Talerico says, people coming through a mobile email link are highly focused. “They are a great captive audience,” he says. Unlike the Web environment, mobile is not conducive to multitasking, and because of the relative slowness and unpredictability of browsing here, most of us don’t click on links as liberally. In other words, we click through on the things we really want to see. “You have a more committed person,” he thinks. “You apply the same landing page principles but it is a smaller canvas. The interesting thing in our opinion is that psychographically you have a more focused person.”

Author: Karen Anderson

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