We miss Molly

The tech mavens over at Backup Brain join the chorus asking Salon.com to drop tiresome shock jockess Camille Paglia, and refer to the late Molly Ivins’ 1991 Mother Jones article about Paglia.

I could care less whether (or where) Paglia goes, but was delighted to read the Ivins piece, which I’d missed on the first go-round. What magnificent writing! An inspiration to start off the week.

1 comment on “We miss Molly

  1. Mike Richardson

    Thanks very much for posting that link to the Molly Ivins piece. Running into something of hers I haven’t already read makes it a good day by definition. Wow, can she write.

    When I’m feeling depressed by the latest droolings of the current carpetbagger-in-chief, a dose of Molly is a great reminder of all the things I still dearly love about Texas.


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