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Back from a long July 4th holiday and ready for a fresh perspective on writing and publishing? You’ll want to check out Paula Berinstein‘s podcast The Writing Show (“Where writing is always the story”).

The show’s archives (audio files and transcripts) span topics from technical writing and screenwriting to horror stories and romance. Listen to interviews with crime fiction diva Val McDermid, Hollywood screenwriter Andrew Findlay, or NaNoWriMo contest founder Chris Baty. If you’re the entrepreneurial type, don’t miss Paula’s biographical multi-part series, “How Not to Run an Online Bookstore.”

And of course there’s lots on getting published, on marketing your writing, and on living the interesting but not-very-lucrative writer’s life. You might recognize the interviewee on the latest podcast “Writing for the Web.” (The podcast should have mentioned the latest version of Crawford Kilian’s indispensable book Writing for the Web. Note that the book comes in two editions, one for writers and one for geeks.)

Author: Karen Anderson

To paraphrase Mark Morris, "I'm a writer; I write!"

2 thoughts on “Listen to The Writing Show”

  1. Hello,
    I came this way as a result of that interview. As an aspiring writer I enjoy listening to that show, and now I will enjoy reading your blog as well.
    I know that writing isn’t really a good idea for one who seeks money, but as long as I can make enough to get by, I’ll be ok. To me, it’s more about passion, as you said. I’ve been doing it for years without pay, because I have so much I want to say to the world. I am totally blind, and thus people tend not to understand how I could still want to live a life as normal, or shall I say abnormal, as they do.

  2. I enjoyed your interview on the Writing Show. It was informative while still managing to be entertaining. Thank you for your input. I am also incredibly jealous that you worked for Apple because I absolutely adore Macintosh products!

    Take care!

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