Ignite Seattle videos – April 2007

The videos of the 5-minute “Ask Later” talks from the April 5 Ignite Seattle have been posted on blip.tv. The sound is surprisingly good, but unfortunately it’s a bit hard to make out the presenters’ slides. Highly recommended are Scott Berkun’s talk on “Attention and Sex” and Christopher Johnson’s “The Art and Science of Naming.”

Here’s my talk on “Workplace Survival”:

[NOTE ADDED APRIL 28] The slides for this talk (no voiceover) are available as a QuickTime movie at:

3 comments on “Ignite Seattle videos – April 2007

  1. It will be nice if u can share the ppt.?

  2. Karen G. Anderson

    Can’t post a pdf of the slides on a Blogger-hosted site, but I’ve post a QuickTime movie of the slides (no voiceover) here:


  3. Karen,

    Bravo! Just watched your video presentation. Excellent all around.
    The actor in me was very impressed how you ultimately found ‘your light’…keep up the good work.

    All the best,

    Jimmy Arone
    Burbank, CA.

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