Stories of 2019

A list of K.G. Anderson’s award-eligible short stories for 2019:

“Where the Train Goes” in Galaxy’s Edge #41. A boy hears trains at night in a dying town that has no tracks. An eccentric teacher tells him where he can find the trains, but warns him: sometimes the train stops and a man invites you to get on… (NOTE: “Where the Train Goes” is in the Tangent Online 2019 Reading List.)

“Unnoticed” in Factor Four Magazine #5. Cait’s immigrant parents selected robust but generic DNA so their child could blend in with the dominant population. Now a teenager, Cait discovers the dangers of embracing the family’s ethnic heritage.

“Wishbone” in Infinite Lives: Short Tales of Longevity from Third Flatiron (edited by Juliana Rew). Vivian Podestra’s politician grandson has a plan to save the country a lot of money on Social Security and Medicare. It’s probably going to cost Vivian her life.

“I Know How You’ll Die” in Weirdbook 41. Drownings, car accidents, peaceful passings surrounded by loving family — this woman can foresee them all, and she’s learned to live with the knowledge. Until she meets a man whose violent death she must try desperately to prevent.

“The Judge’s Chair” in Two Hour Transport Anthology 2019 (edited by Theresa Barker and Nicole Bade). Sissy’s Antiques in Fraightsville, Texas, teeters on the brink of eviction for failure to pay rent. If only Sissy would stop listening to the strange stories her second-hand furniture tells.

“Politics As Usual” in Alternative Truths III: Endgame from B Cubed Press (edited by Bob Brown). As the 2020 elections approach, “lone shooters” stage attacks in major cities. An obscure blogger spots a connection between the killers.

How to nominate a story

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