New frontier in presentations

After playing with, it’s hard to go back to creating Powerpoint, or even Keynote, presentations.

Check out this a lovely Prezi presentation on Transhumanism 101 Willow Brugh gave today at Gnomedex. After playing around with this, I’ll have difficulty returning to creating Powerpoint, or even Keynote, presentations.

An image from the Transhumanism presention done in Prezi.

Live from Gnomedex 10

I’ll be at Gnomedex Friday and Saturday, soaking up new ideas.

I’ll be at Gnomedex Friday and Saturday, soaking up new ideas and meeting new people.

Working at a computer, connecting via all the usual social media platforms, certainly gives you the feeling of being exposed to new ideas. But the in-person experience is so much less controllable and, usually, so much better.

I’ll report back on the highlights — or maybe I’ll see you there and we’ll get to talk.

Two more things

A few final words (from me, at least) on Macworld 2009:

I missed Chris Pirillo’s talk on community (ironically, while having a wonderful lunch with a key member of my own community, a person who mentored me at Apple). But I watched the video of Chris’ talk on YouTube, and it was impressive.

“Putting something in front of people and expecting something to happen is asinine,” he warned. “So what is it that makes community happen? It’s all about what happens in your heart.”

This is a must-see for anyone who is attempting to create a community, online or off — or for anyone who works, as I do, with clients who aspire to create communities. Now I’m budgeting so I can attend the next Gnomedex, Chris’ annual tech conference.

Huge accolades go IDG, the company that organizes Macworld. This year’s conference seemed to delight presenters, vendors, and attendees. Everyone was crediting IDG’s vice-president Paul Kent for the success of the event. I am still trying to figure out how this guy orchestrated the conference and managed to play in rock bands at two late-night conference parties during the week!

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