Desk candy

Staples now offers a full line of OXO GoodGrips office products.

No, not the Halloween leftovers. When I say “desk candy,” I mean really cool, ergonomic office equipment.

OXO Good Grips magnets
OXO Good Grips magnets

An email from Staples today informs me that they now offer a full line of OXO GoodGrips office products.

OXO — the people who brought the smooth-edge (gunk-free) can opener to my kitchen — are now going to expensively restock my desktop. Offerings include the handheld stapler (non-slip grip and 20-sheet capacity); scissors with a box-cutter setting (how well they know me!); a ruler with sides for drawing and cutting; and a push-pin dispenser with a telescoping magnet wand so you can grab pins without having a mini-acupuncture session.

There’s also an intriguing assortment of retractable markers and pens, though nothing to woo me away from the Uni-ball Vision Elite airplane-safe pen.