Eww! Gross! Time for remedial social media training

Social media faceplant: Posting a picture of a cruddy sink to your company’s Facebook page.

How would you feel about seeing the photo and comment below posted to the Facebook page of a major company or organization with which you did business?

plant growing out of a sink drain
Post, and comments, from a company’s official Facebook stream. No, this company is not in the plumbing, cleaning, or gardening business.

No, this was not posted by an employee to his or her personal Facebook page. This was posted by one of the social media team to the clearly identified corporate Facebook page, from which it propagated onto the news feeds of thousands of followers.

(Note: The organization is not a plumbing repair, house cleaning, or gardening business.)

Anybody think it’s clever, or a good idea? If so, please weigh in with a defense immediately. Go ahead and tell me what a humorless, un-hip old fogey I am!

I just can’t figure out why a member of the social media team would want a few thousand customers to walk around with this image of the organization’s offices in their heads.

Really. I am trying  my damnedest to figure out some rationale for this, but the nicest comment I can think of is, well, maybe it would have looked better if the picture were an Instagram shot.