A peek into the world of iPhone app development

Affirmations from NPC Unlimited
Affirmations from NPC Unlimited

Just about everyone I know who’s been around an iPhone flashes on a great idea for an iPhone app.

But only a few of those folks go on to actually create an app and get it sold on Apple’s App Store.

One of those folks is Hasan Edain of NPC Ulimited. A long-time game developer for the Mac platform (Germ Patrol), Hasan has started creating some affordable apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. While the Bouncy Ball app (now with soccer and basketball options) is a diversion, Confidence and Affirmations move into the growing field of “lifestyle” apps. AppCraver.com recently interviewed Hasan about his approach to iApp development.

As a new and rapidly growing field, iPhone apps present intriguing marketing opportunities. I’m currently working on some marketing projects with Hasan’s team and finding it fascinating.

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