Serious about content?

Really serious? You might want to check out the content folks, from marketing to technical communications, gathering at a Ning group called The Content Wrangler Community.

Scott Abel, who leads the wranglers, is the organizer of major content management conferences including Web Content 2008 in Chicago in June.

Much of the discussion at Content Wrangler seems to involve folks in large organizations with complex requirements for content management systems. But there’s also a fledgling sub-group devoted to blogging issues. And it’s valuable to have the Wrangers as a resource to get a sense of emerging issues in the field, many of which will eventually trickle down to the small-organization level.

Care and feeding of your fellow bloggers

It’s been a busy but very satisfying week, with significant progress on a number of projects and some inspiring get-togethers with friends, new and old. By the end of the day today I’d cleared my desk for the first time in some weeks. (It will be tempting to avoid checking email tomorrow!)

Travel, work, and socializing had me neglecting my usual blog reading, and I’m trying to catch up this evening. Just came across this great post from social networking expert Jim Benson on four ways to nurture your blogging community.