Smart negotiating in tough times

I’m going to be doing some writing soon about ways I’m tightening up my business practices to deal with the tough economy.

One of my inspirations has been Seattle business entrepreneur Chris Rugh. His article “Negotiating with Contractors During Tough Times” is featured at Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Well worth reading — his advice on the mindset to use for successful negotiation has already saved me more than $1,000 on the repainting of the house interior!

On reading and health

At my annual checkup today, my doctor asked me if I watched TV. I said my TV isn’t even hooked up to broadcast sources — I only use it to watch DVDs when friends come over to visit.

He laughed, admitted that he doesn’t watch broadcast TV, either, and commented that he sees a direct correlation between lots of of TV watching and poor health among his patients, particularly the elderly. He said the problem isn’t just sitting and watching TV instead of exercising; it’s letting the mind slip into passivity instead of engaging with games, discussions, puzzles, writing, and reading.

I love reading, but recently have been spending what used to be my reading time writing instead. And instead of reading new books, I’ve been working my way through science fiction classics (such as Cordwainer Smith’s Norstrilia) to get a better understanding of that genre.

Thus, I have yet to read any of the books on Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of the Year list. But, seeing the list made me realize how much I want to get to some of these, particularly Michael Connelly‘s latest, The Brass Verdict, Donald Ray’s Knockemstiff, and Greg Bear’s City at the End of Time.

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