Why the invoice is (not) in the email

For the past three years I’ve been using a wonderful online app for simple project tracking and billing for my writing business. I can access it from either of my computers, even when I’m on the road, and I don’t have to worry about backups.

Or so I thought.

A year ago the app developer, who had been working on a pro version of the app, got a job with Facebook and stopped updating the free app. However, since the app was quite stable, she left the site up and running for the “legacy” users like me.

Today the site wouldn’t load, and I discovered that the phone number (obtained from a Who Is lookup) is out of date.

Is this a temporary server glitch or The End of the app? If it’s the end, it means this month’s project tracking records are inaccessible — ironic, because, when I visited the site last night, I noticed that October is the best month my business has ever had.

I’ve spent the past hour researching tracking and billing apps. The apparent winner? A paid online service, Harvest, which offers a good monthly rate for a one-person business and provides the first month free.