Bye .Mac, hello MobileMe

Opal (who left a comment on my previous post) was right: .Mac has mutated into MobileMe, though as of the moment the (login required) version of the .Mac site is still up and probably will be around for a while changes are announced to the .Mac membership.

The non-member page, however, says “.Mac will soon be MobileMe.”

The message to current .Mac members is:

• You keep your .Mac services.

• The new web address is instead of

• You will have a choice of keeping your email address or getting your same email name for (Oooh, tough choice. Go with the legacy address or the trendy one?)

What I’m not seeing is any mention of how iWeb web publishing and hosting will work with MobileMe. Will my current web resume address (“”) have to be changed? I’ve put in some questions to iWeb authority Steve Sande.

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