God answers lawmaker’s complaint

After an agnostic Nebraska lawmaker filed suit against God for bringing death and destruction upon mankind, the court clerk in Douglas County was surprised to discover on the office counter a formal legal response to Sen. Ernie Chambers’ complaint. The response appears to have been filed by the Almighty; it’s signed “God, Defendant.” (A second response appeared at the courthouse, listing a phone number for a “Corpus Christi” law office.)

Included in God’s response is the assertion that while He may have committed many of the acts Chambers is complaining about, He also gave humans free will, making them, rather than Him, responsible for much of their own suffering.

This, of course, is the sort of story that reporters and editors dream about.

What I found particularly newsworthy about God’s responses were that they clearly indicate that God is an attorney. That’s bound to upset devoutly held beliefs of many members of the medical profession.