The next big blog thing?

Scroll down to the bottom of the lefthand sidebar of Writer Way and you’ll see BlogRush in action. I’ve enrolled WriterWay in the “writing” category of BlogRush, so that Writer Way posts now appear as teasers on other blogs in that category.

The idea behind BlogRush is to accomplish two things at once: To provide blog readers with links to blogs on the same topic, and the drive more reader traffic to participating blogs.

It will be interested to watch the effect on traffic to this blog. My prediction that BlogRush will increase traffic for a while, but then BlogRush will be hacked by the SEO “garbage blogs” and, as a result, readers will lose interest, and then legitimate blogs will lose interest. Of course, if the people who run BlogRush are smart, and have resources, they’ll attempt to police the system to prevent abuse.

To paraphrase George Jones, “the rush is on.”

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