Share the suspense

Tonight I applied to do a fascinating freelance project that is very much like the writing project (also billed as freelance) that got my foot in the door at Apple some years back.

There was an interactive online application that required referring to some third-party websites. And, wouldn’t you know, one of the third-party sites crashed my Safari browser, trashing everything I’d written thus far in the online application.


I took a deep breath, re-launched Safari, and started over on the application. This time I was careful to launch the third-party sites in Firefox.

I should know if I’ve gotten the project work in a week or two, so…stay tuned. As they say on, “send purrs my way.”

Really, they say that. Talk about cute overload.

[Addendum, Jan. 6: Well, some of you must have purred. Thank you! I got the gig. However, I won’t be blogging about it until the work is completed, sometime in mid-February.]

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