Karen’s Presentations & Workshops

Impromptu presentation at Gnomedex (photo: Alberto Serafin Lopez)
Karen’s impromptu presentation with Chris Pirillo at Gnomedex (photo: Alberto Serafin Lopez)


Does your organization face a communications challenge? Karen does presentations on a variety of communications topics, and can tailor most of them to address the issues of greatest interest to your company, class, or group. Topics include:

  • What’s Wrong with Your Organization’s Website and How to Fix It (for executive directors, MarCom managers, and development directors)
  • Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Writing a Great Website
  • Social Media Plans to Fit Your Time/Resources Budget
  • Putting Your Organization’s Website to Work for Marketing
  • Blogging (Advanced and Basic)
  • Online Reputation Management — Essentials for Individuals
  • Facebook Etiquette
  • and more

Please contact Karen for information on topics, pricing, and availability.

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