What else can you say?

The sanctimonious phrase "to reach out to" (in place of "to call" or "to get hold of") evokes my gag reflex.

It’s difficult to find anything to add to Gene Weingarten’s “Goodbye, cruel words: English. It’s dead to me,” published in the Washington Post.

He targets the ghastly misuse of language—not by the public, but by journalists. I was particularly delighted that he spent an entire paragraph bemoaning the increasing use of the sanctimonious phrase “to reach out to” (in place of “to call” or “to get hold of”); it’s a phrase that evokes my gag reflex every time I hear it.

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  1. Mine is “I know what you’ve been through.” Harkens back to when I used to watch The Young and The Restless with my grandmother.

    P.S. Just started using iGoogle because you didn’t have a way for me to subscribe via email. Perhaps I’ll switch my other subscriptions over as well.

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